5S hair factory: A journey to a future where hair extensions are universal

The hair extension market in Vietnam is currently achieving remarkable achievements and 5S hair factory is a part of contributing to that success.

Hair extensions are gradually becoming more popular in the domestic and international market. So what do you know about 5S hair factory’s journey in this hair extensions market? The article below will answer those questions for you.

5S hair factory’s journey from past to present

Coming to the hair extensions market is a charm, but to bring Vietnam’s hair extensions market to the present level, it is certainly a process of effort.

  • Was established about 30 years ago and until now 5S hair factory has grown strongly and is working with other hair extension markets to bring Vietnamese products to international friends. With the initial advantage in Vietnam of having an abundant source of raw materials along with the characteristics of extremely healthy and strong hair, 5S hair factory has had certain foundations to develop a strong hair extensions market as now.
  • With a solid foundation, 5S hair factory in the past has researched and produced many different hair extensions that have been sold to international hair dealers such as: buck hair extension, weft hair extension, curly hair extension, blonde hair extension, virgin hair extension, remy hair extenison…And received invaluable reviews. positive cooperation from international friends. Everyone loves hair extensions products from 5S hair factory and it is a great success in the first steps of bringing Vietnamese hair extensions to the international market.
  • And also in the period from its establishment to the present, 5S hair factory is one of the best hair sellers has trained a team of professional and experienced staff in all departments from the executive team to the management and production team. They are also trained in all the skills from the most basic to ensure that all hair extension products made will be uniform with high quality.

5S hair factory’s journey from now to the future

Not only stopping at existing successes, the goal of 5S hair factory is to reach major markets around the world.

Rapid growth rate of 5S hair factory

The level of growth over time is always something that every business is interested in and let’s see how it is in the 5S hair factory

  • Currently, 5S hair factory is developing at a fast rate with the number of goods sent each month to the markets to order more than 500kg of hair extensions. This is not a small number, but with the efforts of the whole 5S hair factory’s team, this number is completely understandable.
  • With the rapid development in international markets, 5S hair factory has been cooperating with many business partners in more than 200 different countries. thereby opening up many opportunities for Vietnam’s hair extension market towards a higher position in the world hair extension market. This is also proving one main thing that the direction of the 5S hair factory is extremely right and can move towards a future where hair extensions will cover the world.
  • And the results that 5S hair factory has achieved are all thanks to the continuous efforts from the beginning days to the present time and it is certain that 5S hair factory will still maintain its performance in a competitive race like the current hair extension markets.

Achievements of 5S hair factory

With such efforts, what has the current 5S hair factory achieved from past to present:

  • The 5S hair factory has become the most popular hair extension supplier and an important part of the hair extension market in Vietnam. Currently, 5S hair factory is leading in bringing hair extension products from Vietnam to the international market and with its ability and experience, 5S hair factory has brought to the world one of the most prestigious hair extensions suppliers in the world today.
  • Now when it comes to the hair extension market, it is certainly indispensable that the Vietnamese market is a potential place for the latest and best quality hair extension products.
    And one of the great achievements of the 5S hair factory is that the 5S hair factory can cooperate with many other markets around the world, especially Nigerian market. They are considered as one of the best hair extension manufacturers in Nigeria. Finding a partner is not an easy task, not to mention that foreign markets are even more of a challenge for any business. But thanks to the careful study of international markets, from the desired product quality to the preferences of customers in each different country, it is studied by 5S hair factory to satisfy all customers from anywhere.
  • And if you are a customer who is looking for a reputable source of hair extensions, try once with 5s, you will certainly not be disappointed by the standard quality products and a team of expert consultants. You will be satisfied with your shopping experience here

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