Vietnamese weft hair extensions are high-end, high-quality products

Vietnamese weft hair extensions, which come in a variety of patterns and materials, are the most popular hair extension product on all hair extension marketplaces.

Demand of Vietnamese weft hair extensions

A group of hair dealers founded this company after doing research and realizing the many advantages of the hair extension industry. Weft hair extensions have become the most well-liked hair extensions. The most popular hair extension type, not just for Vietnamese hair, is unquestionably the weft.

 Vietnamese weft hair extensions

Vietnamese weft hair extensions are increasingly becoming a regular product in the hair extension sector. Offering a variety of designs attracts customers’ interest, increasing hair extension sales globally. In order to meet the needs of this potential market for hair extensions, the industry has produced a wide range of products.

Some information regarding Vietnamese weft extensions

Vietnamese weft hair extensions’ quality depends on where the raw hair comes from, so this is an ongoing emphasis for the hair extension industry.

  • The best hair extensions on the market, with consistent length and quality of Vietnamese hair from root to tip, are virgin Vietnamese weft hair extensions. The three most common forms of raw hair resources used in the hair extension industry are virgin hair, remy hair, and non-remy hair.
                                                        The best hair extensions on the market
  • Remy hair is the second category of raw hair resource. This is a common haircut in the market for hair extensions and is far more accessible than virgin hair. Remy hair-based Vietnamese weft hair extensions products are fairly affordable from the point of purchasing to the end of manufacture.
  • The most common type of hair is non-remy since the market doesn’t value its quality. Products created from this material are also not very well-liked due to the short use period and the fact that the quality is not as natural as the user’s own hair.

How to purchase 5s Hair Factory’s Vietnamese Human Hair in bulk

One of the top wholesalers of Vietnamese hair, 5s Hair is honored to be. To purchase Vietnamese human hair from 5s Factory, follow these instructions.

  • For wholesale Vietnamese human hair, get in touch with us.

You can reach Ms. Lily at +84855555754 on WhatsApp for additional information about real Vietnamese human hair and business-related guidance.

Make a list of the Vietnamese human hair types that are appropriate for your business and send it to the factory for a price.

  • Your shipping charges will be calculated by the factory, and you will receive an invoice bill.

Once you’ve chosen whatever kind of Vietnamese human hair you want to purchase and are content with the price, the next step is shipment. There are several differences between foreign importers that purchase hair from Vietnamese producers when it comes to this process.

  • Payment of a deposit (about 50%) to start ordering Vietnamese human hair

Customers can choose to pay in whole at the time of purchase or in installments when purchasing Vietnamese human hair from 5s Hair. 50 to 70 percent of the order amount must be paid as a deposit.

Prior to receiving full payment, we will not transmit the order to the shipping agent.

  • Shipment

Before we mail the hair, we will send you a video so you can inspect it. If you are happy with the hair’s quality and you pay the balance, we will mail the hair for you. Depending on your order, the shipping period ranges from 7 to 14 days.

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