Asian raw hair are appropriate products for wholesale hair dealers

Recently, Asian raw hair bundles have gained popularity among numerous suppliers of hair extensions. Even though they claim that this is not the product that they are most pleased with, they assert that it is unquestionably the kind of hair extension that enables distributors to earn big profits in a relatively short amount of time. Do you have any knowledge of Asian raw hair bundles? To learn more, let’s read this article.

An overview of the potential of bundles of Asian raw hair

Asian raw hair extensions have started to spread across the world in recent years. As a result, wholesale vendors of hair extensions are constantly on the lookout for Asian raw hair from this region. The world’s largest market research company, Research and Markets, which has its headquarters in Ireland, predicted in a 2018 report that by 2023, sales of wigs and hair extensions will exceed $10 billion USD.

  • A career in the hair extension industry has the potential to pay off quickly. Finding a reliable supply of Asian raw hair at a reasonable price is the first step towards being able to make significant earnings, though. And the best option for you is raw Cambodian hair bundles.
  • Vietnam, India, and China are three well-known hair extension markets in Asia. Many individuals are also aware of Cambodia’s reputation for producing high-quality hair extensions. However, not many nations in the world receive shipments of Asian raw hair extensions. 
  • Asian raw hair bundles will be a little challenging to ship to far-off nations like Nigeria or America due to unfavorable traffic. To tour the hair manufacturers and feel the Southeast Asian hair extension material, you can travel to Cambodia on business if you really adore this type of hair.

The bottom line is that if you can’t afford high quality Asian raw hair like raw Vietnamese hair, Cambodian hair are a solid fallback option. Vietnamese hair extensions and Cambodian hair  both share the positive qualities of Asian hair extensions.

When purchasing bundles of unprocessed Asian raw hair, there are a few drawbacks to take into account.

Asian raw hair bundles have several notable qualities that catch customers’ attention, but they also have some drawbacks that you should take into account before purchasing.

  • In relation to the neighborhood, the cost is rather high. Although Asian raw hair bundles are of decent quality, they are not particularly noteworthy when compared to the hair that connects nearby regions, such as raw Vietnamese hair and raw Indonesian hair. The relatively high cost of Asian raw hair bundles is another factor that baffles many distributors. Because they can entirely choose a different hair type with a fee like that.
  • There are only three international airports in Cambodia, and some aircraft must stop at a European nation before continuing on to one or more African nations instead of flying directly there. For distributors in Africa, which has the highest concentration of hair extensions in the world, this is rather inconvenient. It may take a month to ship an item.
  • Because China and other countries that produce Asian raw hair extensions also import hair from Cambian vendors whose raw Cambodian hair collected from poor women. As a result, several hair providers in China advertise that the hair extensions they sell are made from raw, authentic Cambodian hair bundles. In actuality, though, up to 50% of that hair does not originate in Cambodia. 
When purchasing bundles of unprocessed Asian raw hair, there are a few drawbacks to take into account

In order to purchase Asian raw hair bundles with confidence, pick a hair manufacturer in Cambodia. However, only a small number of wholesalers purchase Asian raw hair outside of Cambodia because of the lengthy shipping issue.

Whether you actually want to purchase bundles of Asian raw hair is up to you

If this hair type suits your demands, then the aforementioned drawbacks most likely won’t have a significant impact.

  • The best raw hair bundles, better than Asian raw hair bundles, are offered by 5S Hair Factory, a hair manufacturer. Due to the fact that it began operations earlier than other wholesalers of Cambodian hair, the largest hair factory in Vietnam, 5S Hair Factory, would face stiff competition. 
  • For thirty years, this Asian raw hair company has been manufacturing hair extensions. Customers choose to stay with 5S Hair Factory in order to advance in the hair extension industry because of the factory’s great hair quality and affordable hair prices, which are frequently noted by customers.
  • The best Asian raw hair extensions on the market, those from Vietnam, have long been a fierce rival of other premium extensions, particularly those from India. Additionally, the cost of 5S Hair is affordable, with prices starting at $8.
Whether you actually want to purchase bundles of Asian raw hair is up to you


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