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Vacuum sales bring cheer

As another record-breaking year of vacuum sales drew to a close, floor-care buyers were, for the most part, projecting a positive holiday season and predicting another interesting year. “Every year Christmas seems to be later and later, and the competitive arena gets more aggressive, and there’s more price cutting lower and even earlier, so it

Vacuum Ads take different tacks

From hardhitting to humorous, major vacuum makers are taking different approaches in their advertising campaigns to push their newest products this spring. But the end results they’re after are the same: building brand awareness, increasing both year-round and promotional sales, and creating interest in new products and categories. Spring is a key period for manufacturers

Manual vacuum cleaner

Hoover sends sales representatives to independent retailers in metropolitan areas and has telemarketers call shops in rural areas, and the plan has proven to be a successful arrangement, Lauer said. Eureka makes its Imperial line and commercial machines available exclusively to independents. These are typically high-end, feature-laden products that lend themselves well to demonstrations on