Hair extensions care and easy tips

Many ladies have strong opinions about how long hair extensions will stay with and without hair extensions care. There’s also no need to work hard on how to maintain  and do hair extensions care.

Importances of hair extensions careImportances of hair extensions care

But that’s a misconception. Hair extensions take significantly more care than natural hair. Because hair extensions are not cared for from the roots, they are quickly damaged, tangled, and lose hair. In addition, hair will tangle easily if not protected, particularly at hair extensions. Hair gets drab and dry.

As a consequence, special attention is given to hair extensions care. Aside from expert hairdressing advice. You should also care for your hair extensions properly.

Hair extensions care routine at home

Taking appropriate good hair extensions care is simple and quick. It comes from regular hair care procedures including washing, combing, drying, and repairing. Please remember this 8-step method for caring for hair extensions to maintain your hair healthy:

Hair extensions care routine at home
Hair extensions care routine at home

Hair extensions care routine starts with frequent cleaning

Cleaning your hair is necessary for both your hair extensions care and your natural hair. Because the scalp sweats a lot, it is a breeding ground for germs that may cause disorders including hair fungus and hair root irritation. So keeping the scalp clean helps prevent dandruff and hair issues. Getting strong, clean, silky, and smooth hair requires frequent washing.

Washing your hair extensions to do hair extensions care

Taking care of hair extensions seems easy, but it isn’t. Be cautious while washing hair extensions since they feature joints that link actual hair and wigs. Tips for washing hair extensions:

Washing your hair extensions to do hair extensions care
Washing your hair extensions to do hair extensions care
  • It is important not to ruffle or tug the hair as this might stretch the extensions
  • If your hair is knotted, don’t rinse it until it’s smooth. To prevent rubbing on the scalp, pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand and lather it up.
  • Never wash your hair extensions with your nails to do best hair extensions care, since this might cause damage to the hair extensions. Gently massage the scalp and gently press the hair ends to the joints as you go through the extensions. As soon as you wash your hair, pat it dry with a dry towel. Never towel-dry your hair.

Combing your hair in hair extensions care routine

Combing is a daily step in hair extensions care and maintenance. Combining hair extensions to maintain them silky and smooth is an art.

  • Don’t tug or yank the hair since it might release the joint.
  • Also, don’t brush your damp hair if you don’t want it to fall out.

Drying hair extensions in hair extensions care routine

Here are some important tips when you dry your extensions to take care of them:

  • After washing, let your hair dry naturally to do best hair extensions care.
  • But if you’re in a rush, use the dryer on fan mode, not high heat, which will dry your hair.
  • Dry the hair around the joint first, then the remainder. And let your hair dry completely before brushing or styling it.

Hair extensions care at night

The most controversial issue with hair extensions care is tangles. So, to enhance hair extension care while sleeping, do the following:

  • Prevent horizontal rotation of the joints by tying loose or flipping your hair to the side before sleeping.
  • Or you may sleep with your hair wrapped in a tiny silk scarf to avoid tangles.

Hair extensions care routine with hair care products

Shampoo and conditioner selection is critical in the hair extensions care and maintenance procedure. To maintain your hair extensions smooth and attractive, use products designed for hair extensions that are sulfate-free and contain little bleach.

It’s important to preserve the hair surface before brushing it since lifeless hair cannot absorb nutrients from shampoo or conditioner.

Doing hair extensions care by rejoining the joints

After 2 to 3 months, the hair roots extend, exposing the joints, thus strengthening the joints is critical for hair extensions care. Remember that hair extensions should be removed by professionals to reinforce and restore the joint, so the hair extensions do not shift or slide.

Say no to chemicals to do good hair extensions care

Real hair is used to connect these days, so it may be curled, coloured, and groomed. To get bouncy, natural hair, you should reduce the chemical influence on the hair extensions.

Here are 8 easy measures to take proper hair extensions care. Follow the instructions above to create bouncy hair that always draws attention.

6 important notes when taking hair extensions care

When it comes to taking care of hair extensions, there are a few more considerations you should keep in mind:

Important notes when taking hair extensions care
Important notes when taking hair extensions care
  1. When initially using hair extensions, wash your hair just 3 times a week to do hair extensions care. To maintain hair extensions, wash them using your fingers rather than your nails. Gently swiping shampoo and water. Rinse your hair gently, avoiding the joints, to avoid damage.
  2. Wrap your hair in a cotton towel and gently compress it to dry it. Wet hair is thinnest and most prone to breaking, so avoid rubbing or teasing it with a towel or brushing it. Dry the extensions first, but let your hair dry naturally. Brush and detangle using a broad tooth comb. Shape your hair using a strong tooth comb.
  3. If removing a hair extension, leave a hook in the closet or vanity to do hair extensions care. They prevent tangling, creases, curling, and breaking.
  4. Because hair extensions are not fed by the scalp, they become split ends, stiff, and difficult to fold. Apply a tiny quantity of specialist surfactant from the ends up to untangle and help manage and take good hair extensions care. You can’t use steaming or ordinary hair spray on extensions since they’re dead. Chemicals and silicone-based cosmetics are also prohibited because of termite eluding.
  5. If your hair extensions are synthetic, carefully check the package instructions, particularly if hot curlers are allowed. In general, avoid using hot curlers. The use of heat styling tools should be avoided.
  6. Finally, after 2-3 months, the genuine hair roots come back and you need to go to the hair salon to have the joints repaired. Hair extensions, unlike wigs, have a limited lifetime of 4-6 months, making them a temporary aesthetic therapy. Using hair extensions for too long may strain genuine hair, damage hair follicles, and even cause scalp damage.

What products should I use when doing hair extensions care?

Here are some suggested hair extensions care and maintenance products to make your hair look its best:

What products should I use when doing hair extensions care
What products should I use when doing hair extensions care
  • Nourishing argan oil shampoo from BEAUTY WORKS
  • Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo from OGX
  • Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo from Shea Moisture
  • Pureology Hydrate Shampoo
  • Boots Botanics Intensely Hydrating Shampoo

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