K-Hair Company Vietnam: A reliable supplier of raw hair for hair business

In order to build customer trust in the long-term, no matter what you are selling, you need to take priority over quality. It takes for granted that the higher-quality products are, the more expensive they are. K-Hair Company Vietnam has ranked the top 1 hair business in Vietnam in 2020. Its reputation of delivering high quality hair extensions items has been broadened worldwide. If you are a wholesale hair vendor or a beginner in hair business confused in finding a trustworthy co-operator, this post is for you. This writing will explain why you should take K-Hair Company Vietnam into consideration.

If the term K-Hair Company Viet Nam is new to you, K-Hair was actually founded in 1992 by Mr.James and it’s now operated under Mr.Daniel’s leadership. During the early age, K-Hair Company Vietnam encountered countless scarcity in hair sources, skillful labor and technology in producing chains. With the persistence passed down from generations to generations, the CEOs led the company to overcome challenges and set a foundation for the business in the hair market. Nowadays, we are proud to be in business relationships with more than 150 countries all over the world.

K-Hair Company Vietnam is considered as the most dominant nominee among Asian high-quality raw hair suppliers. They have been exporting raw hair materials to wholesale hair vendors in the world, especially Africa market, the market of the most in-demand hair extensions usage women. Following the motto “Quality is King”, K-Hair Company Vietnam believes the truth high-quality materials are the key to success. Therefore, the company put endless effort in choosing assured hair resources in Vietnam to produce hair extensions items delivered to big hair markets.

All hair materials are made from human hair including hair collected in rural areas from women at the age of 18-25. Vietnamese hair from this group of people is famous for being strong, shiny, silky and not tangled, shedding or split. Women who are at the age of 18-25 in Vietnam are the main labor force, thereby, they have good health and pay much attention to appearance, especially hair care. They take advantage of available natural herbal oil from lemongrass, grapefruit, and bo ket to wash their hair daily instead of using toxic chemical shampoos.

Vietnamese women use “boket” to wash their hair

Responsible for collecting hair stage are experienced workers who have at least 2-year old experience in hair aspect. They travel to rural and mountainous villages to ask and buy women’s hair. A qualified hair bulk is the one meeting all standards of durability, color equality and length. The hair material afterwards is transported to K-Hair factory for classification. In K-Hair factory, hair materials are classified as three main hair types: single drawn hair, double drawn hair and super double drawn hair with the quality ascending from single drawn hair to double drawn hair. The double drawn hair extensions 24 inches bring big profit to K-Hair Company Vietnam because of the fact that it is one of the most favored hair types among wholesale hair vendors and individual users. K-Hair company Vietnam’s customers are predominantly salons, wig makers and wholesale hair vendors from Nigeria, South Africa, England, Ghana,… They choose K-Hair as the high-quality hair but at reasonable prices.

Vietnamese virgin hair is dominant in long durability. If you apply hair care steps carefully during usage, your hair extensions can last for four years. This is a real bargain! If you import hair from China or India hair markets, the quality may be much worse and can not meet the standard of time. K-Hair experts’ advice: If you want to bleach and dye light colors, you should choose virgin hair because this hair type is the highest quality hair ever and the price is obviously higher. If you see ads about virgin hair with a cheap price, be alert because they can be scammers or not 100% virgin hair!

The significant point in K-Hair Company Vietnam is excellent customer policy, including the order, payment and shipping policy. The order process takes place in some main steps: Choose your concerning products on K-Hair website, confirm the final decision with K-Hair staff, receive your invoice and pay. The status of your hair products are updated everyday. You can also make a direct video call with us to examine the production process and only when you deal with K-Hair, can you have this privilege. Moreover, K-Hair Company Vietnam accepts a lot of payment options like major credit cards, Western Union, MoneyGram or Bank Transfer as long as your monetary unit is dolla.

If you are ordering products outside Vietnam, you have to pay the charge to your bank for international transactions. After receiving your products, if something unexpected happens, contact sellers for solutions. In case of this mistake originating from K-Hair Company Vietnam, you will have a refund and all the fee is on K-Hair.

All in all, K-Hair Company Vietnam is a trustworthy raw hair supplier for your hair business. K-Hair Company Vietnam has met expectations of fastidious markets in the world and exported tons of hair which contributed to the dominant reputation of the company. Hope this article is useful to you.

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