Queen Hair factory – the most reliable hair supplier

Queen Hair has more than 20 years of industry experience and is currently a supplier for many major hair brands in the world. Here is the story of Queen Hair.

The foundation of Queen Hair

Queen Hair is currently one of the leading hair factories in Vietnam. Queen Hair has more than 20 years of experience and development.

Queen Hair factory - the most reliable hair supplier
The foundation of Queen Hair
  •  Ms. Jessica – CEO of Queen Hair was born into a farming family in Vietnam. She always tries to help her family overcome financial difficulties and help her neighborhood. After graduating from the most prestigious university in the country, Ms. Jessica went on a field trip in the mountainous Northwest of Vietnam and discovered a huge resource: human hair.
  • After living for a while in Northwest Vietnam, she realized that the hair of the mountainous people here is extremely healthy and shiny due to the habit of washing hair with herbs. The women here also have a healthy diet, so their hair is also extremely strong.
Queen Hair origin
  • After that, Ms. Jessica spent a long time researching on the most modern and advanced machines to apply to hair production. She then hired a team of hair experts to research and start contracting with mountain women. Queen Hair was established in 2000 and gradually developed into one of the most reliable factories in Vietnam.
  • Queen Hair currently has six departments, each of which is responsible for important tasks to ensure every product is of the highest quality. Queen Hair has a customer care team working 24/7 and always answering all questions of customers.

Queen Hair can confidently affirm that all Queen Hair products delivered to customers are of the highest and best quality. Before shipping, Queen Hair’s sales team always take pictures to send to customers for final checking, then the quality control team will check again, then pack and send. Queen Hair has its own factory in Vietnam, so every stage is 100% guaranteed. Queen Hair has been submitting hair for many big brands around the world and has always maintained the company’s reputation. Below we will introduce you to the highlights of Queen Hair.

The products of Queen Hair

Queen Hair’s products always qualified on three criteria: high quality, affordable prices and diverse product line. In the section below, we will show you in detail about the features of Queen Hair’s products.

The high quality product of Queen Hair

Queen Hair products are always of high quality compared to other hair brands. This is our most confident feature since our brand is built by trust. This is understandable due to these reasons.

The high quality product of Queen Hair
  • Queen Hair collects the hair directly from the woman in the region. These donors have a healthy diet and wash their hair regularly with herbs. So the hair is always 100% human hair, smooth, shiny and healthy.
  • Queen Hair has many experience in producing hair. So the company knows how to manufacture hair without damaging it.

The affordable price of Queen Hair’s products

Queen Hair’s products have extremely reasonable prices. Although the hair quality is outstanding, the price is still affordable.

The affordable price of Queen Hair’s products
  • Queen Hair is based in the material area – Vietnam, which means that the firm collects its hair from women in the country instead of importing from other countries. That is why Queen Hair does not have to charge additional fee such as operation fee, taxed, delivery, etc. The hair supply is always stable so the price is consistent.
  • Queen Hair price is affordable due to the fact that the company hired low-wage workers and produced the hair on a massive scale. So the expense to operate the factory is minimized.

The diverse product line of Queen Hair

Queen Hair product line is well-known for its diversity. The firm offers a wide range of hair with many colors and styles.

The diverse product line of Queen Hair
  • Because Queen Hair has twenty years of experience in producing hair, the company knows exactly what the customers need in terms of color and styles. That is why Queen Hair always has the most up-to-date hairstyles on the market.
  • Another reason for the diversity of Queen Hair products is because the firm has high quality hair. Due to this, the hair can be styled into many forms without damaging.

In the past twenty years, Queen Hair has always tried its best to make every product that reaches customers the best. Queen Hair always tries to develop products, upgrade infrastructure as well as customer care to achieve the highest efficiency. Queen Hair always upholds three factors: high quality, affordable prices and product variety. These are the characteristics that the company always wants to maintain and develop for a long time.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Whatsapp (+84)844444829. Our customer care department is always available to answer all customer inquiries.


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