Raw Cambodian hair is being used in new hair products

In recent years, raw Cambodian hair has entered the market and is now being sold by numerous retail and wholesale hair merchants. Why is Cambodian hair so popular among hair sellers when it is raw? Is it the finest choice for a beginning hair business idea? These queries will be addressed in this post.

The raw hair industry in Cambodia and its rise to fame

In recent years, raw Cambodian hair has become a shining star in the hair industry. Due to the natural curly appearance that is relatively similar between the two hair types, this is seen as a good substitute for Brazilian hair, which is rare and expensive.

Everything pertaining to unprocessed Cambodian hair

Since raw Cambodian hair has only recently entered the market, there must be many peculiar aspects about this product. Find out right here with us.

Where raw Cambodian hair comes from

The Southeast Asian nation of Cambodia has a low per capita income of only about 1600 USD. In order to have enough money to support their lives, many women decide to sell their hair.

                                                                  Raw Cambodian hair

Poor women in this nation are collected for their raw Cambodian hair. Because of the challenging lifestyle, the ladies here hardly ever style or bleach their hair, leaving the natural, unprocessed hair of Cambodia uncontaminated by chemicals.

Raw Cambodian hair has very recognized traits when compared to other hair kinds available on the market.

Raw Cambodian hair is light black (color 1B) and leans somewhat brown toward the ends, making hair dyeing a little trickier than usual.

Because the women in this country take care of their hair with natural herbs, the hair is exceptionally strong when it is just cut. Because Cambodian raw hair is rather low in weight, using it won’t make users feel like they’re wearing weights on their heads.

Raw hair from Cambodia is very fine, light, and coarse. The most prevalent texture is curly, which is comparable to Brazilian hair but less lustrous. It comes in both straight and curly varieties. As an alternative to Brazilian hair, raw Cambodian hair companies typically utilize chemicals to make hair lustrous and silky.

Raw Cambodian hair types

Like all other hair kinds, virgin hair and remy hair are the two categories into which raw Cambodian hair falls.

  • Cambodian virgin hair is taken from a single individual. This kind of hair is really hard to find. Retailers buy hair from women in impoverished rural communities, which is then sold in traditional markets. As a result, the hair classification procedure is not entirely in place. As a result, the history of raw Cambodian hair is complicated and the price of Cambodian hair extensions is quite cheap. 
  • Due to the uneven texture of the hair, raw Cambodian hair is not suitable for bleaching and dyeing.

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