Ruby Hair Factory: A trustworthy Vietnamese hair vendor

Ruby Hair has been in the wholesale hair industry for 5 years and is delighted to have established itself as the most dependable wholesale hair seller on the market. Many retailers who used to work with them give positive feedback. That proves their hair quality as well as the professional production capacity of Ruby Hair Factory.

Ruby Hair Factory: A trustworthy Vietnamese hair vendor

What is Ruby Hair Factory

Ruby Hair Factory is a famous Vietnamese hair factory which was established in 2017. Their forte is to specialize in providing high quality, human-sourced hair products. Ruby Hair’s CEO said that they work with a mission to help women around the world become beautiful, feel their beauty and live confidently in themselves. Ruby Hair Factory works on 3 pillars: Best quality, best prices and best services.

What is Ruby Hair Factory

Best quality: All of their raw hair materials are made from 100% human hair without toxic chemicals. They only use virgin and remy hair collected from women between 18-45 years old. That’s the reason their hair shines and is durable while dyeing and blending. 

Best prices: Ruby Hair Factory is factory direct not intermediaries. So you can be assured that their price is the best wholesale price in the market. In addition, when buying with a large number, you may have a chance to have an attractive discount.

Ruby Hair Factory

Best services: They have their own experienced sales personnel to accompany clients in every transaction as a dependable wholesale hair provider. Our team is always prepared to assist consumers, whether it be before, during, or after a transaction.

With all of their pillars, Ruby Hair Factory Proud to be a unit trusted by customers around the world. 

Why Ruby Hair Factory stands out in the hair industry

Hair markets nowaday is a big deal for anyone who wants to join. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for every hair company in the world. If they don’t try to keep customers, they will be fired and fail. With Ruby Hair Factory, they work very effectively as a reputable wholesaler. So what are the tips that make them become popular?

Why Ruby Hair Factory stands out in the hair industry

Firstly, perfect hair extensions. Ruby Hair Factory makes every effort to consistently deliver hair extensions created by skilled experts. Furthermore, they provide a variety of hair extensions to fulfill the demands of all customers: natural straight hair, Pixie, Kinky, Wavy… in a variety of colors, types, and textures… This is the first factor determining why Ruby Hair is one of the top Brazillian hair vendors in South Africa. 

Secondly, the expertise of the hair industry. They have a deep understanding of the tastes of customers in each region. Based on it, they create hairstyle or hair products that are suitable for customers.

Reasons Ruby Hair Factory stands out in the hair industry

Finally, Ruby Hair Company from Vietnam is always ready for distributions with superior and in time hair extensions products. The fierce competition and great demand of the market do not allow them to delay production or lack of hair extensions for a long time. This feature makes them become a trustworthy hair vendor in customer mind.

How to make an order from Ruby Hair Factory

Ruby Hair Factory provides customers a clear order process that not many wholesalers can do. To buy hair extensions from Ruby hair, you you will go through the basic step:

How to make an order from Ruby Hair Factory

Step1: List the kind of hair extensions you want to buy. The information should focus on hair types, quantity, size, length, color.

Step2: When you done, Ruby Hair will invoice and send it to you

Step3: After that you can choose the payment method then they sent you payment vouchers

Step4: Ruby Hair Factory will start to produce, it may last from 12 to 14 days

Step 5: Ruby Hair inspects your purchase and dispatches your hair.

Step 6: After you get your goods, you can provide us with comments.

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