The ideal wholesale raw hair vendor that you should pick depends on your target market

There are many other criteria you can use to determine what is “great” or “good” for your hair business. Here are the criteria we used to rank the top wholesale raw hair vendors.

Basic understanding of wholesale raw hair vendors

To help you have the most thorough understanding possible so that you can answer the question of whether you should work with wholesale raw hair vendors, this article will provide all the fundamental information regarding wholesale raw hair vendors.

  • In Egypt, 3,400 years ago, the first hair weave was made. Nearly 2,700 years later, in BC, the Egyptians invented actual human hair wigs.
  • The majority of dealers are small-scale business owners who routinely visit ethnic women to gather their hair before processing it for salon sales.
  • Numerous salons and merchants have appeared as a result of the growing demand for wholesale raw hair. Two of the most well-liked items that wholesale raw hair vendor offer are wigs and hair extensions.

Most reliable wholesale raw hair vendor in Nigeria and overseas

There are a ton of people selling hair right now, and that number will only increase. To save time, look at our list of the best wholesale raw hair suppliers at affordable prices:

Evaluating Asian wholesale raw hair vendor

In terms of both quality and cost, Vietnamese human hair is considered to be the best in Asia. They have a maximum durability of up to 25 years, which is significantly longer than the Indian wholesale hair branches’ maximum durability.

Compare wholesale raw hair vendor in various locations.

  • Brazilian and Malaysian hair make up one of the most popular wholesale raw hair vendors in the hair market today.
                                          Brazilian and Malaysian hair dominate the market
  • The differences between Malaysian and Brazilian hair will be covered in this section. In addition to evaluating quality, the sources of Malaysian and Brazilian hair help hair entrepreneurs decide which hair wigs to buy.
  • Brazilian hair is without a doubt one of the most popular hair kinds globally, coming in second only to Indian hair in terms of availability. Brazilian hair stands out clearly among the two as being brighter.

How to purchase wholesale raw hair vendor from 5s Hair

5s Hair is proud to be one of the leading wholesale raw hair vendors of Vietnamese hair. Follow these steps to purchase Vietnamese human hair from 5s Factory.

  • Contact 5S Hair if you’re looking for wholesale raw hair suppliers of Vietnamese hair.
  • Ms. Lily can be reached on WhatsApp at if you’d want more details regarding Vietnamese human hair is good or business-related advice.
                                                           Feedback from my customers
  • Make a list of the many varieties of Vietnamese human hair that would be suitable for your company and send it to the factory for a quote. 
  • The factory will figure out your shipping costs, and you’ll get an invoice bill.
  • Making a deposit of around 50% to begin ordering Vietnamese human hair

When ordering Vietnamese human hair from 5s Hair, customers have the option of paying in whole at the time of purchase or in installments. A deposit of 50% to 70% of the order total is required.

  • We won’t send the order to the shipper until we have received complete payment.


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