The major advantages of Vietnamese Cinnamon

In this article, we will learn more about Vietnamese cinnamon, namely its characteristics, main products, and how profitable it can be.

Defining Vietnamese cinnamon and its quality

Vietnamese cinnamon trees, which are perennial, belong to the Cassia species. Their by-products are considered a distinctive delicacy of Vietnam, whose soil and climate are ideal for growing. 

Vietnamese cinnamon

Regions where Vietnamese cinnamon is grown

The cultivation area of Vietnamese cinnamon expands to roughly 80.000 hectares, distributed mainly in Yen Bai and Quang Nam.

  • Yen Bai

Yen Bai is the biggest Vietnamese cinnamon growing region with the highest output. There are from 2500 to 3000 cinnamon trees per hectare in this province. 

Yen Bai Province
  • Quang Nam

Quang Nam is another notable cinnamon-growing region, especially in Tra My district. The total area for cultivating this tree continues to expand over the year. 

How parts of the Vietnamese cinnamon tree can be used

Besides primary parts, namely the bark and the wood, Vietnamese cinnamon can be harvested for its leaves, branches, and roots as well for multiple purposes. 

  • The bark of the Vietnamese cinnamon tree

This is often regarded as the most valuable part of the cinnamon tree because it is where most of the essential oil will be extracted. Vietnamese cinnamon can be turned into a large number of products, ranging from spices, consumer goods (soap, cosmetics, etc), and medicines. 

  • The leaves, branches, and roots of the Vietnamese cinnamon tree.

Cinnamon essential oil can also be distilled from cinnamon leaves, roots, and branches. It is mostly used in healthcare and the beauty industry. In healthcare, Vietnamese cinnamon can assist the treatment of both physical and mental conditions (such as flu, colds, respiratory problems, or anxiety and depression). Meanwhile, in the beauty industry, Vietnamese cinnamon oil can be integrated into skincare or body care. 

  • The wood of the Vietnamese cinnamon tree

Vietnamese cinnamon wood is firm, fragrant, and hence can be an ideal material in making handicrafts, such as cups, trays, plates, or furniture. Thanks to the various applications of Vietnamese cinnamon wood, many jobs are created and deforestation has been decreased.

The enormous potential of Vietnamese cinnamon wholesaling 

Vietnamese cinnamon is a significant product for wholesaling due to having major import markets, fine quality, and duty-free opportunities. 

  • Vietnamese cinnamon has numerous expanding consumption markets

The major clients of Vietnamese cinnamon are the European Union (EU) and India. For example, according to the database on international trade released by the United Nations COMTRADE, in 2020, the EU imports more than $11 million worth of Vietnamese cinnamon products.

  • Vietnamese cinnamon has excellent quality even after handling and processing

Vietnamese cinnamon’s quality can be preserved perfectly for two reasons. First, being a woody plant that can be cultivated for several years, it can naturally defend against pests and other harmful organisms. Vietnamese cinnamon is also less susceptible to fungus during storage, due to the required humidity of less than 12%. Second, Vietnamese cinnamon products are not packed in bundles but in transparent boxes that allow inspection. Therefore, Vietnamese cinnamon exporters are usually regarded more highly than those from other countries.

  • Vietnamese cinnamon is now duty-free

Vietnamese cinnamon is exempt from payment of duty in various countries as a result of the government’s economic cooperation efforts. One example is the India-ASEAN free trade agreement, signed by India and ASEAN members.

Top 3 companies for wholesaling and exporting Vietnamese cinnamon

Let’s explore 3 recognized businesses that wholesale and export Vietnamese cinnamon with extensive experience in this field.

  • K-Agriculture

With much hands-on experience in processing, manufacturing, and exporting Vietnamese cinnamon products, K-Agriculture prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers around the world and offers a wide range of choices of cinnamon-related products. 

  • Visimex

Visimex is another well-known company in Vietnamese cinnamon trading

  • Sunrise INS

Sunrise INS is widely known for its Vietnamese agricultural products, especially Vietnamese cinnamon.

Vietnamese cinnamon imports step-by-step

The steps below will help you effectively work with a Vietnamese cinnamon supplier and achieve your business goals.

Step 1: Find a Vietnamese cinnamon supplier

Step 2: Seek information regarding taxes and duty. You can ask your Vietnamese cinnamon supplier or search for it on the Internet.

Step 3: Choose a freight forwarder for your upcoming Vietnamese cinnamon import. The forwarder should be reputable and have profound experience in this field. Additionally, their pricing structure must be transparent. It would be a bonus if they provide you with cargo insurance. 


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