Tips for beginners on how to get wholesale Vietnamese bulk hair extensions

You want to establish a business, but you’re new and want to buy Vietnamese bulk hair extensions. This page offers some practical advice as well as reliable wholesalers of Vietnamese hair.

Vietnamese wholesale market for bulk hair extensions

The wholesale industry for bulk hair extensions is expanding, with yearly sales ranging from $250 million to more than $1 billion. By 2023, the worldwide hair market is anticipated to generate more than $10 billion in sales. Real human hair is quite popular and has a high commercial value because synthetic hair is frequently not very durable and not ideal for long hair.

Particularly, Vietnamese bulk hair extensions are regarded as being of the highest quality, but the cost is very reasonable. As a result, purchasing Vietnamese bulk hair extensions is a highly common choice for wholesalers. There are 2 sorts of customers who buy Vietnamese hair wholesale:

Vietnamese wholesale market for bulk hair extensions

Because Vietnam is one of the few nations that can still supply exquisite virgin hair, European customers frequently purchase raw Vietnamese bulk hair extensions. Africa buyers: With an annual production of several tens of tons, African clients frequently purchase Vietnamese hair wholesale extensions styled as bone straight, bouncy curly, and pixie cuts.

Why you should start a hair company by purchasing wholesale Vietnamese bulk hair extensions

For individuals who are establishing a hair business for the first time, purchasing Vietnam bulk hair extensions is the best option because:

Purchasing Vietnamese hair in bulk: excellent hair quality

Hair quality is a major consideration when starting a hair business because earning the trust of your clients is crucial. Vietnamese bulk hair extensions have numerous outstanding properties that have been evaluated, so you won’t ever have to worry about the quality when you buy it in bulk.

Purchasing Vietnamese hair in bulk: excellent hair quality

In addition, Vietnamese hair has an extraordinarily long lifespan (up to 8 years), so you can buy bulk hair extensions with confidence. Over time, bulk hair extensions maintain its texture and quality and are less prone to damage. Vietnamese hair is long-lasting, but it is still in vogue since it is simple to style and can quickly adapt to changing consumer trends. Because you won’t need to purchase more time, this also allows you to save money on delivery.

Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers’ standing

The potential of being conned is one of the biggest dangers facing newcomers to the hair industry. However, you can feel secure while purchasing wholesale Vietnamese bulk hair extensions from significant Vietnamese hair producers because:

  • With several renowned hair villages, Vietnam’s bulk hair extensions industry has a history of formation and development spanning more than 30 years. Due to Vietnam’s stable political environment, business fraud is uncommon. Additionally, the open trade policy facilitates the flow of commodities out of Vietnam.
  • In addition, Vietnam is among the top exporters of bulk hair extensions in the world and collaborates with several important markets. These markets are governed by stringent laws that demand suppliers act honestly.
  • Major hair factories in Vietnam, like 5S Hair, always have transparent payment and warranty policies and let you purchase samples to examine the quality of the bulk hair extensions.

 Purchasing Vietnamese hair in bulk: Affordable price

Those who are just starting out in the bulk hair extensions industry typically don’t have a lot of money set aside for things like market research and analysis. A fair price is therefore a wonderful way for them to increase earnings.

Although Vietnamese hair is of the highest quality in the world, its market price is just in the middle range. Particularly for wholesale purchasers of Vietnamese bulk hair extensions, Vietnamese hair vendors have very good wholesale prices

The best wholesaler of human hair is 5S Hair Factory, and even though their hair is of such excellent quality, their prices are still too inexpensive. You should definitely give this one of those human hair producers a try at least once in your hair company, wherever you are.. 


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