To avoid tape in extensions itchy for a very long time, use hair extensions care oil

One of the most crucial procedures to avoid tape in extensions itchy, and extending the life of your hair is applying hair extension care oil. Hair extensions care oil is a great option for ladies since, as we are all aware, hair extensions are not like our natural hair in that they do not receive oil from the scalp to protect the hair. 

Why do we need Hair Extensions Care Oil to avoid tape in extensions itchy?

Try to consider why your hair extensions usually dry out after a few washes to begin answering this topic. 

  • Your extensions have been exposed to heat, chemicals, and a lack of moisture, to put it simply. We don’t need to spend a lot of time using natural hair care products like hair oil to avoid tape in extensions itchy because healthy hair is always supplied with nutrients that are metabolized from diet to hair roots.
To prevent your hair from tape in extensions itchy, use dry shampoo or an organic shampoo
  • To prevent your hair from tape in extensions itchy, use dry shampoo or an organic shampoo without sulfates before applying Hair Extensions Care Oil. Keep in mind that utilizing heat, chemicals, and dye to style and color hair extensions is a necessary step if you want them to avoid tape in extensions itchy. 

You may acquire smooth bounce hair extensions by using a small amount of Hair Extensions Care Oil each week.

Before using Hair Extensions Care Oil, follow these 12 golden rules.

To stop hair from getting tape in extensions itchy, you should follow the guidelines below in addition to applying best hair oil for extensions to avoid itching. These guidelines are really easy to follow and will show you how to keep the hair extension silky and shining.

  • In order to thoroughly eliminate tape in extensions itchy and naturally knotted hair caused by wind, remember to brush your hair before bed or wash it.
  • Do not brush hair while it is still wet because the hair follicles are at their weakest and hair loss is very natural. Avoid using sulfate-containing shampoo, conditioner, or Hair Extensions Care Oil because they quickly dry out your hair and tape in extensions itchy.
  • To avoid harming the hair extensions, cuticles, and tape in extensions itchy, only wash your hair extensions in warm water.
  • Use the palm of your hand to softly rub your hair in one direction rather than forcefully scrubbing it.
  • Use conditioner on your hair and wash and rinse it for no more than 30 minutes to avoid tape in extensions itchy..
  • Apply a few drops of an oil made for hair extensions, such as coconut or olive oil. Wet the hair and gently massage it in order to allow the essence to permeate each hair and avoid tape in extensions itchy.
  • Use oils for natural hair extensions, such as coconut, argan, natural, olive, and castor…
  • The next step is to rinse your hair with cold water in the shower to lock in the nutrients.
  • Limit the use of a hairdryer as they will make your hair dry and floppy. Let your hair dry naturally for two to three hours to avoid tape in extensions itchy.
  • Avoid using hair gel or spray because they will cause your hair to dry more quickly and tape in extensions itchy.
  • To maintain hair moisturized, apply Hair Extensions Care Oil two to three times per week.

For avoid tape in extensions itchy, use the top 3 hair extension oils suggested by 5S Hair Fatory

Because Vietnam hair factory have high quality products to protect and grow hair.  No matter how scratchy your tape-in extensions are, all you need to do is work hard and nurture your hair using Hair Extensions Care Oil.The Top 3 Hair Extension Care oil types that 5S Hair Factory recommend below. 

Argan Oil for Hair Extensions

Argan oil, which is extracted from the argan tree and is present in the majority of cosmetic goods, is one of the oils that is most frequently used to take care of hair extensions. It has no chemicals and is entirely natural. These oils are not greasy and can be used daily on dry, frizzy hair. Your hair will acquire all the hydration and nutrition it need if you put a few drops of Argan oil to it every day. This will prevent tape-in extensions from becoming itchy.

Argan Oil for Hair Extensions

Almond Oil as a Hair Extensions Care Oil

Almond Oil as a Hair Extensions Care Oil

Almond oil is among the best oils for taking care of hair extensions. Thanks to its Omega-3 fats and Vitamin E content, almond oil helps nourish your hair and treat itchy tape-in extensions. For best results, reheat almond oil in the microwave just till warm, being cautious not to overheat. After oiling your hair, carefully penetrate the hair cuticles with a brush. It is advised that you wash your hair the night after using the oil for the greatest results.


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