Top of amazing Russian hair care you should try

Nowadays, everyone knows that their hair is a reflection of their wealth, the emblem of their beautiful crown, and therefore requires extra care and Russian hair care. This will introduce Russian hair care.

Overview of Russian hair care

When walking the streets of Moscow or St. Petersburg, you may observe that many women there have stunning hair. They favor loose, floor-length styles. Do you ever gaze in awe at a Russian woman’s hair and ponder how she maintains its luster Every girl fantasizes of having long, lustrous hair. The Russian women may provide some useful advice for us on how to achieve beautiful hair.

Russian women pay special attention to this area. Hair washing is an everyday ritual for them (which is actually unhealthy for hair). In addition to shampooing their hair, Russian ladies often frequently use a hair mask made from all-natural substances. In the past, when there were fewer beauty salons available in Russia, many women instead turned to DIY remedies.

However, you may find Russian hair care more easily in stores now than ever before in Russia. Many new companies that focus on organic and natural goods have appeared in recent years. In addition to their facial and body goods, they also feature a wide selection of hair care items. Popular brands have spread to the European market.

Top 10 best Russian hair care

Here are ten fantastic Russian hair care you may use to mimic their routine.

Russian hair care – Natura Siberica shampoo

This shampoo from Natura Siberica is formulated with a traditional honey-based hot beverage enjoyed in Siberia during the winter months. 

Honey sbiten is a well-liked beverage in its native Russia. In addition to providing extensive hydration to the hair, the honey contained in it also functions as a calming shampoo. There are shampoos on the market that are developed specifically for damaged hair. This lotion has the ability to help colored, dry hair regain some of its luster.

Russian hair care – Natura Siberica free strengthening shampoo

When it comes to anti-aging cosmetic treatments, it is usual practice to make use of extracts from birch trees, which are a natural source that is abundant in fatty acids. Birch juice is known for its ability to reduce inflammation as well as its cleaning properties. 

This shampoo is an attempt to capitalize on those cleaning properties. This shampoo helps to strengthen the hair in addition to preventing hair loss because it contains nettle, which is another typical herb used for treating hair loss.

Russian hair care – Organic Nettle shampoo

The organic nettle shampoo produced by White Agafia does not contain any potentially hazardous ingredients, such as parabens or mineral oil. In addition, it does not involve any practices that are considered harsh by vegans. This shampoo is made from nettle, and it lives true to its name. The follicles and roots of the hair are strengthened, and the growth of the hair is accelerated. It has been demonstrated that both burdock oil and St. John’s wort, which are both components of the shampoo, stimulate the creation of new hair follicles.

The borage oil helps to nourish the hair, which makes it easier to handle and smoother to the touch. The inclusion of yarrow was the very last herb that was done. Using yarrow to help restore the structure of the hair is beneficial. In addition to this, yarrow contributes to the maintenance of healthy hair.

Russian hair care – Juniper hair mask

After washing their hair, many people follow up with a hair mask as the second step in their hair care routine. If you are in the market for a hair mask, we strongly suggest that you give the Wild Siberian Juniper Hair Mask from Natura Siberica a shot. 

The therapeutic properties of juniper can result in increased hair thickness. This shampoo can be used on colored hair without causing damage, and it is suggested that women use it. This composition also includes wormwood oil in its purest form, which has been shown to be beneficial against dandruff, as well as nettle, which assists in the strengthening of hair.

Russian hair care – Honey avocado mask

This hair mask has a wonderful aroma and will leave your hair softer and more shiny than before you use it. When used on damaged hair, the Honey Avocado Express Repair Hair Mask from Organic Shop, which is formulated with 100% pure avocado oil and organic honey, gets to work right away to restore healthy hair. 

By using the mast, you can achieve hair that is more robust and well-structured. After that, apply the mask to freshly washed and moist hair and massage it in. After three minutes, proceed to give it a thorough rinsing before using it.

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