Water curls human hair price in Nigeria in detail

Hairpieces that appear and feel the most natural are wigs, which is why women choose them. In light of this, questions of water curls human hair price in Nigeria have become increasingly common.

Overview of water curls human hair price in Nigeria

It would appear that wigs made from real human hair will remain a popular choice in the world of high fashion for the foreseeable future. Because they look and feel so natural, most women prefer to wear wigs rather than any other type of hairpiece. Because of this, people are asking more frequently, “what is the price of a human hair wig?” and similar questions.

This article provides you with images of human hair wigs as well as information on the different sorts of fashionable human hair wigs and the prices of those wigs in order to assist you in making the best option possible. In Nigeria, you may find every kind of human hair wig at a range of prices, from extremely high to extremely low. If you are looking for recommendations on where to purchase a nice wig, you should read this post.

Wigs have saved ladies the trouble and expense of frequent trips to the hairdresser to experiment with fresh looks. Human hair wigs sold in Nigeria mainly originate from China or Vietnam. Hair is sometimes gathered from donors instead of a hair bank. Choose the perfect wig for you from among the many options made with real human hair.

Water curls human hair price in Nigeria with different types

The followings are the water curls human hair price in Nigeria you should consider before deciding to invest

Water curls human hair price in Nigeria – Pixie Curls

Pixie curls wigs have strands that are firmly curled from the weft to the end of the wig. It could be long in order to give the impression of refinement, or it might be short in order to acquire the moniker “low cut wig.” It is not going to become entangled in anything either.

The price of our long pixie human hair curls may be found further down on this page.

  • A cannabis cigarette measuring 16 inches (100 grams) will set you back N25,000, while one measuring 20 inches (100 grams) will set you back N37,000.
  • 46,000 naira for 16 inches (300 grams), and 53,000 naira for 20 inches (300 grams)
  • The cost of a short set of curls might range anywhere from N10,000 to N25,000.

Water curls human hair price in Nigeria – Curl wigs with bangs

You can give the impression of being many years younger by donning a hairstyle that includes bangs, such as a wig with bangs, or any other hairstyle that has them. It makes no difference if you have a bob, curly hair, or straight hair; the thing that makes your hair unique is the bangs. The term “fringe wig” is used to refer to this particular hairdo. 

There is a wide price range for wigs with bangs, from N20,000 to N40,000. There is no possibility of spending less time or effort on the quest for the ideal wig, but there is always the possibility of doing so.

Water curls human hair price in Nigeria – Deep wave Curl wigs 

Wigs that have a deep wave curl pattern feature curls that are very tight and have a body wave that is smooth. 

It’s exciting, and it gives off an impression of sophistication. There is a price range of N48,000 to N90,000 for wigs with deep wave curls.

Water curls human hair price in Nigeria – Magic curl

Magic curls are a stunning hairstyle that have been compared to full-bodied waves. 

The most obvious difference is that, rather than curling outward from the weft toward the center, magic curls typically curve inward. A set of magic curls might cost anywhere from N50,000 to N75,000, with the average price falling somewhere in the middle.


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