Weft hair extension: The boom of the hair extension markets

Weft hair extension is the hair extension style that is known by most customers and hair dealers in the hair extensions market. Weft hair extension is a style that has many conveniences and is easy to use, so if it is the first time using hair extensions, customers will definitely be introduced to this hairstyle.

Things to know about: Weft hair extension

Weft hair extension is the most popular product on the market today, so let’s see what it has that you should know.

  • The demand for weft hair extension in the wholesale hair markets. Surely the demand for using weft hair extensions is increasing day by day and shows no sign of decreasing. The demand for hair beauty for all customers in the world is very high. Having beautiful hair is more important than ever because hair is what determines 50% of your beauty. Understanding the importance of hair, many customers have chosen weft hair extension as a solution for their unsatisfactory hair.
  • There are also many other cases where a client already has very beautiful hair but wants a change so they choose a weft hair extension as a quick solution without causing too much damage to the hair. Because with weft hair extensions, customers can change many different styles or choose their favorite colors without affecting real hair.
  • And also because the needs of customers in the world are increasing, weft hair extension’s development is also becoming stronger and stronger. A series of hair extensions markets were born and gradually made hair extensions an indispensable part of the beauty industry. And this is also a very bright market to become a potential market for those who want to learn and start a business based on the available factors of their country.

Characteristics of Weft hair extension

What features does weft hair extension have that attract such a large number of customers?

Types of Weft hair extension

Style is definitely a type that makes all hair products stand out:

  • Curly weft hair extension: is always in vogue because the soft beauty like gentle waves that it brings has never been out of vogue. Curly weft hair extension is preferred by most customers regardless of age because this is a style that can be suitable for all customers in all circumstances.
  • Straight weft hair extension: is a hairstyle with primitive beauty and has gradually become popular over the past few years when more famous artists use this hairstyle and create a great resonance in beauty. It’s super easy to use and can be created with tons of different styles so you always look refreshed instead of just having a single hairstyle.
  • Colored weft hair extension :And most importantly, you will not have to spend money on hairdressing and dyeing or bleaching because colored weft hair extension has a product that integrates both factors. You are not mistaken because this product will help you get all the colors you like best without having to bleach or dye too many times. You will absolutely stand out from the crowd when you use it.

The origin of Weft hair extension

Let’s research about weft hair extension’s origin to know why it is so loved:

  • Virgin weft hair extension: is the most appreciated of the ingredients and is always loved even though its price is much higher compared to other types. It is taken from the best and most original hair then almost without using too many steps to create a complete and high quality hair extension. This can be considered the best material for any hair extension, not just weft hair extension.
  • Remy weft hair extension: is a style that has the same quality as virgin but there is another point that it is obtained from many different hairs that are not original like virgin. Therefore, remy weft hair extension’s price is also much cheaper. For this style, there are advantages such as reasonable price but still beautiful and strong, so it is chosen by many customers.
  • Non-remy weft hair extension: and finally the least-loved kind is it. Non-remy weft hair extension is produced from the collection of different hairs so it is not too guaranteed in terms of quality and the price is also very cheap. But through the production stages, it has much better quality, so it is still sold in the market. However, the number of customers who come to hair extensions and choose this product is definitely not as many as the two above.
  • To buy high quality weft hair extension, you should choose a trust worthy hair extension supplier.

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