Which latest hair styles for ladies should we choose between micro beads and tape hair extensions?

People frequently struggle to decide the latest hair styles for ladies. Each hair type does, however, have advantages and cons of its own. You can choose between these two hair extension types after reading this article about the Nigerian women’s newest hairstyles for 2022

Latest hair styles for ladies: general information about tape-in vs micro-bead hair extensions

You will learn more about the differences between two latest hair styles for ladies: tape and microbead hair extensions in this section. In general, tape-in hair extensions and micro-bead hair extensions are completely different.

  • A latest hair styles for ladies called tape-in hair extensions is attached to actual hair using specialized adhesive tape. Since this bandage is water-resistant, you can comfortably wash your hair.
  • Micro beads are tiny beads that are used to attach hair extensions to human hair without the use of chemicals. However, it takes a little more effort to attach these little beads.

Both of these hair additions are, in general, hair additions that are affixed to the head permanently. They have the impact of lengthening and thickening our hair.

Who can use the latest hair styles for ladies?

If your personality fits the description below, tape hair extensions should be your first choice above micro beads.

  • There is not much free time to choose the latest hair styles for ladies because people are so busy. Tape hair extensions are a good option if you are too busy with your everyday activities to visit a salon for a hair appointment.
  • Additionally, tape hair extensions are a good option if this is your first time wearing hair extensions. You can build your own tape-in hair extensions at home, and they are quite simple to use. For those who frequently alter their hair color or style, tape-in hair extensions are ideal. You can quickly modify the latest hair styles for ladies because of how easily it attaches and detaches.

Since the majority of us don’t have a lot of free time, tape-in hair extensions are a choice to save time and even effort for the latest hair styles for ladies 

Who ought to select micro bead hair extensions for the latest hair styles for ladies

If you are like this, you might think about selecting micro beads hair extensions because they have characteristics that are the latest hair styles for ladies.

Who ought to select micro bead hair extensions for the latest hair styles for ladies

You don’t mind investing a lot of time in getting the perfect latest hair styles for ladies at hair salons. Take into account the time you have because attaching micro beads takes a lot of time. Choose micro beads hair extensions if you have performed or seen micro beads hair extensions and you are confident in your abilities and experience. You won’t ever be dissatisfied with the benefits of micro bead hair extensions. People who use hair extensions, in particular, frequently dislike having their use exposed. Because the micro beads linked to genuine hair are incredibly small and difficult to perceive, micro beads hair extensions are recommended if you want the latest hair styles for ladies.

The top wholesale hair supplier for the latest hair styles for ladies is 5S Hair Factory.

The two most common types of hair extensions in the hair industry are tape extensions and micro bead extensions. To maintain their beauty, you must get high-quality hair extensions and super double drawn hair is suitable for all hair types. The best wholesaler of Vietnamese hair is 5S Hair. A variety of hair extension products, including tape-in extensions, weft extensions, and more, are offered by 5S Hair Factory.

Their hair is strong and lustrous since it is entirely taken from Vietnamese ladies who live in high mountain places.


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